Job Title                     Energy Auditor

Location                     Limerick, Ireland

Start Date                   1 April, 2018

Contract Type            Full Time upon completion of probationary period.


Needed. One aspiring energy efficiency guru who keeps up to date on all the latest in green technology. Are you obsessed with solar? Did that last sentence make you want to correct that to PV Solar? Is sizing CHP something you do for fun? Do you spout facts about insulation at the pub? Does wearing a bright white hard hat, steel-toed boots, and safety glasses to work each day sound appealing? Have you the drive and ambition to match a young, energetic, innovative business? If so, you may be just the energy auditor we've been looking for. Send us your CV and let's find out if we can make Ireland greener together. 



Glas Éireann Solutions (GES) is an ESCO (energy service company) launching in Ireland in Autumn 2017 serving the public and private sectors throughout all provinces of Ireland. Our team has expertise in providing economical green energy solutions to the agricultural, industrial, hospitality, and transport industries. We strive to be the market leader in providing the broadest range of energy solutions, including design and implementation of energy savings projects, retrofit, energy conservation, maintenance and innovative financing options which improve business efficiency without extensive capital outlays.


Job Description

The position of Energy Auditor will be a central role in the company, assessing essential data for energy performance upgrades.

This role will include, but is not limited to:

  1. Using knowledge of all facets of energy management from energy audits, project management of energy efficiency and renewable energy feasibility studies to project implementation.

  2. Energy auditing, understanding client requirements, identification and prioritization of energy saving measures, design for energy project upgrades, and project management. Ability to use a systemized approach to measure, record, and evaluate the flow of energy, determining if it is being used efficiently and pinpointing where it is being wasted. Compare existing energy consumption levels to normative data.

  3. Delivering deep energy retrofits including renewables. Designing lighting, HVAC and renewable energy installations. Using software packages to ensure best practice upgrades. Feasibility studies and energy audits on commercial buildings and facilities including, but not limited to the following:

    1. airtightness tests (blower door test);

    2. measurement of energy load using devices such as light meters, data loggers, current transformers, flue gas analysers, multimeters etc.;

    3. ability to audit HVAC systems;

    4. measurement of electrical systems using power meters, voltmeter, ammeter, power meter;

    5. temperature measurement using the following devices; infrared camera, surface pyrometer etc;

    6. leak detection in compressed air systems

  4. Prepare cost estimates for potential retrofits. Prepare specifications for installation of energy conservation measures.

  5. Project implementation and project management basic knowledge. Managing (and hands on implementation) of large energy upgrade projects including heat pumps, CHP, Biomass, PV, District heating etc.

  6. Maintaining and expanding current knowledge of technology landscape and developments.

  7. Tracking, analyzing and monitoring technology performance metrics


Candidate Requirements

The successful candidate will have the following skills and attributes:

  • Degree in building services engineering/ or related technical discipline with relevant experience.

  • Valid Irish driver’s license or evidence of equivalent mobility.

  • Excellent Communications skills.

  • Strong analytical skills.

  • Use of AutoCAD IES, Homer, Dialux.

  • Self-starter and self-motivated.

  • Exceptional project management and organization skills.

Most work is performed in a normal work or office environment. Work entails visiting commercial and industrial customers and touring their facilities to identify energy conservation opportunities.



We will offer a bespoke remuneration package that meets the expectations of the successful candidate who has the ability to deliver substantial incremental profit to the business.


To Apply

Glas Éireann Solutions is looking to recruit one person, and in addition will create a panel of suitably qualified individuals for future roles. Additional information available at and To apply, please submit CV to