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As I sat down to investigate and create all different types of marketing mediums, it quickly became apparent that somebody could become overwhelmed by the thankless process. Websites, emails, phones numbers, social media, advertising, pr, all studied in in-depth detail. Then there were the protocols for all the different mediums, keep Linked professional, Facebook should be more lighthearted, Twitter, a mixture of both. I found the correct times to post on each medium, and studied the ideal number of posts per day. Try and improve SEO I was told, and given a 15 point process. But beware, don't be too good at it, or it will not read well for the customer. I quickly realised that it was a full-time job, and I did not have full time hours to allocate to it.

Yes I have created a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube accounts. I have dabbled with Instagram and Pinterest. But i have decided that the easiest and probably most effective medium to communicate with our customers is by creating a mailing list. So, that was to be my next step and you can sign up here. This will allow us to send out weekly newsletters with the most up to date happenings at Glas Éireann Solutions, and it will ensure that you miss nothing. So, if you have an interest in how we are progressing, please sign up here.

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