Women in Energy

Glas Eireann Solutions cori Calvert

Back in April this year, the SEAI hosted a panel discussion on Women in Energy at SEAI’s Energy Show in the RDS. The aim was to start a conversation around the low visibility and under-representation of women in the energy sector and through such a discussion, and explore what organisations like SEAI could do to address this issue. Following the success of the panel discussion, there was overwhelming support for convening a women’s network to connect with other women working in the energy sector and address some of these issues. SEAI will host a Women in Energy Network Lunch on the 10th of October in House, Leeson Street, Dublin.

Cori Calvert, pictured above, is very impressed with this initiative and agrees whole heartedly that women in energy industries are sadly under represented. As the female CEO of Glas Éireann Solutions, she is excited to promote and network with fellow women in the industry by attending this event. Cori has extensive experience in providing energy savings solutions to the hospitality, agriculture, SME, industrial and transport industries over the past 20 years. In her previous role as Managing Director of the US Federal Government Environmental Agency, Cori has overseen design and implementation of over 400 EPC's (Energy Performance Contracts) including VFD, Solar and Small Wind technology.

Joanne Sheahan works on SEAI’s Research, Development, Demonstration and Innovation (RDDI) Programme. Joanne holds a B.A. and L.L.B (Law) from NUI Galway, and a Masters (MSc) in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh. Prior to joining SEAI, Joanne worked as an environmental and sustainability consultant in London and Dublin in the offshore oil and gas and offshore wind sectors. She discusses more about women in energy in her blog here.