Our First Radio Interview: Behind The Scenes.

Glas Eireann Radio

“Holy cow, its nearly time”, I thought to myself as my mouth suddenly dried up and I frantically looked around for anything that might resemble a water machine, alas to no avail. I knew we were getting close you see. It was that noticeable point, the point where you see Joe adjust his headset and pull the suspended microphone closer to him, ready for show time. I had been here before but this was no less daunting than it was back then. Joe Nash of course, is a seasoned pro, CEO of Limerick’s Live 95FM, and host of its flagship show, Limerick Today for more years than he would care to remember.

I glance across at Cori, hoping to see that she was the calmer of the two of us. She looked back and raised her eyes to heaven at my slightly panicked expression. Cori Calvert was naturally calm; a confident CEO who had the guts to chase her dream by relocating from San Diego to Ireland. Her sunny disposition naturally oozed this confidence, but I knew Cori, and here, right now, she was nervous, I could tell. It didn’t help! “Move in closer to the mic there for me Cori”, instructs Joe, as if this oversized, sponged, blue ball wasn’t already picking up our quick heartbeat or our shallow breadths.

Last week, Limerick Today researcher Josh Prenderville had invited us both into studio, after hearing about the unorthodox way our new start-up in Limerick, Glas Éireann Solutions came about. That’s a whole other story which can be found here! We of course jumped at the opportunity. It was a fantastic way of getting our name out there, but we had to make the most of it, and this added slightly to the pressure.


The day started pretty normal, we would meet at the station we agreed. And this we did, before being welcomed into the foyer by Áine. It was 10.15am, and we were early, probably too early. We were not due on air until 10.30am, but the roads were bad and we couldn’t risk being late and missing our slot. The station of course played in the background, and we could hear Joe talk to an expert on the subject of bitcoin. I pretended to listen, half-heartedly throwing my opinion on the subject to the unimpressed ears of Cori. We were in the zone. This was important to us, we briefed each other, gave each other the pep talk – keep it simple, let’s not confuse the customer, keep mentioning the name Glas Éireann Solutions, tell them what we do,  how it works, how it benefits the customer, and try and get in the 5-step process to 60% savings. Truthfully, we were as prepared as we could be, and now just filling the time, and the silence.

Around us wandered some familiar faces, Mark Whelan from The Breakfast Show, Josh, producer Anne Marie, Nichola, coordinator of The 95 Stop Tour. They all seemed to be infatuated by a cake in a room down the corridor. What was the cake for? I was dying to ask, but it was none of my business. Plenty of pictures adorned the walls in the reception area, the 95 stop tour posters, jerseys, awards, pictures and one thank you from Special Olympics Ireland which caught my eye. We got up to read the captions, we sat down, we got up again.

Glas Eireann Solutions Radio

It was nearly time, 10.25am, and Anne Marie invites us into the studio. We walk gingerly through the office, again recognising some more familiar faces, there’s JP Dillon, and Streetboy, as we turn left and left again into the master’s studio. “Good to see you again Brian, and nice to meet you Cori”, Joe starts, “Sit down there and make yourselves comfortable, we will be on in a few minutes”. It is only now I realise there are other eyes on us. I see Anne Marie in a room looking at us through a large soundproof window, and Gillian from the newsroom is also recording her segments in an adjoining studio, also glancing this way. I had never noticed these adjoining rooms before. Why not? I wonder can she hear us? Or is she wondering what we are here to talk about, my mind wanders. No, Brian, stop, concentrate! Minutes felt like hours, but we are here. It is now. Joe clears his throat, let’s do this.

“And we are now joined by an old friend of the show Brian O’Callaghan, and also by Cori Calvert, and together they have formed Glas Éireann Solutions”.

And the interview continues, right here.