Glas Éireann Solutions launches YouTube channel.

Glas Éireann Solutions, an Energy Savings company, or ESCO, based in Munster, has today launched its new YouTube Channel. The channel, found here, already has substantial content, including an 8 part introductory video as well as some humourous video out-takes. GES already boasts a healthy on line presence, with hits on its website growing daily, as well as interactions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

The man responsible for marketing, Brian O'Callaghan, already anticipates further growth into the Social Media sectors saying "We are still in pre-launch stage and are delighted with the already increasing interactions on social media. We already boast successful Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. YouTube is the next phase of diversification, and there are already plans to further diversify in the very near future."

CEO of Glas Éireann Solutions, Cori Calvert, was also very upbeat about the launch: "Aimed at Irish businesses seeking to improve business profitability by decreasing energy overheads, Glas Éireann Solutions provides an extensive range of energy savings solutions to include audit, design, proposal, retrofit, maintenance and innovative finance options; guaranteeing savings of up to 60% in energy costs, without any capital outlays from the businesses themselves." Cori added: "We want to educate and relay this message in a light-hearted manner, especially when it comes to our social media and our YouTube channel. Although the message we are relaying is very serious, we aim to do it in a light-hearted, entertaining way, in the hope of increasing our exposure even further, and taking the daunting tech-speak out of the equation.  Here on YouTube, we will share insights, videos, behind the scenes views, interviews, out-takes and much more. Subscribe to our channel for a fun, light-hearted view on energy savings solutions."