Queen of Green - Giving Thanks

CEO Cori Calvert

CEO Cori Calvert

It's the Thanksgiving holiday in my birthplace, USA. A day rooted in a bit of murky history, but in modern times consists of an elaborate Sunday roast where you give thanks amongst your family and loved ones (and watch a lot of American football on the tele). We eat turkey (or if you are feeling fancy TurDuckEn, cranberry sauce, bread stuffing, dark gravy, mashed potatoes, and the often loved-or-hated green bean casserole.

If you are a runner like me then you would start your Thanksgiving morning doing a "Turkey Trot" in your local community where you and your family dress as turkeys and run a 5k ... Americans are weird, I will admit. I am trying to keep a few traditions alive now that I live here in Ireland. I'll get up this morning and run a 5k (albeit not dressed as a turkey or any other seasonal fowl) and I will make a list of the things I am thankful for in my life. Typically, during Thanksgiving dinner we'd go around the table and share our list but luckily I have this little blog space to do my sharing.

I am thankful for:

  • Agriculture - Top of the list for me. Without our farmers none of us would be able to eat each day.

  • Family - Here in Ireland as well as back home in America. ❤

  • Ireland - You are a beautiful country filled with wonderful, welcoming people.

  • Roundabouts - Every country should have more of these. Especially now that I know what lane I should be in to turn the direction needed. Sorry to anyone on the road with me before I gained that crucial knowledge!

  • DCU Ryan Female High Fliers Programme - A wonderful program that has given me an amazing opportunity to meet fellow female entrepreneurs across Ireland as well as strengthen the business offerings of GES Energy.

  • The Limerick and Munster Business Community - Top notch. No where else in the world have I experienced such a tight and welcoming business community. I would encourage any startup looking for a place to start in Ireland or Europe to highly consider Limerick. Not only does it have a high calibre of existing businesses but also an amazing network to get involved from Limerick Chamber of Commerce, to Network Ireland, LEO Women in Business, and Tipperary Green Business Network amongst many others!

  • Hurling - Really all GAA sports but hurling especially! Love that game!

    What are you thankful for?