What is a Commercial Energy Audit?

Glas Eireann Solutions energy Audit

An energy audit is the first step in making a commercial or industrial building more energy efficient.  The goal of the audit is to identify energy-saving opportunities, lower costs and promote environmentally friendly solutions. This is done by taking a comprehensive look at the current energy consumption of the building, the buildings fabric and status of the tools/solutions used.


So, what should an Auditor do to provide your organisation with a comprehensive Commercial Energy Audit?

1. Energy Bill Analysis

The auditor should request and analyse historical data provided by the user’s past energy bills. From past bills the auditor should be able to calculate:

  • Summary of average costs
  • Summary of areas and processes served and from which energy source
  • Determine average load factors

2. On-site Survey

The auditor will do an on-site survey of the premises to log and determine:

  • Lighting systems used
  • Space heating and cooling resources
  • Other power using systems and process loads
  • Determine hours of operation
  • Determine through dialog with staff areas of concern
  • Determine new areas of opportunity
  • Collect data from existing building management system (if any)
  • Perform diagnostic tests where appropriate
  • Examine building fabric and envelope

3. Audit Preparation

The Auditor will use the data collected from the past bill analysis and on-site survey to prepare an in-depth report that will identify savings and a cost analysis. It will also provide a list of potential capital improvements and a detailed analysis of their potential cost savings over time.

4. Payback Period

The Auditor may also suggest contacting an ESCO such as ourselves at Glas Éireann Solutions to provide the retrofit with innovative financial solutions which are paid from the guaranteed savings achieved. Typical energy solutions that create substantial cost savings with less than a five year pay back period include:

  • LED lighting retrofits
  • Installation of CHP units for heating and cooling
  • Adding variable speed drives to fans and pumps
  • Control changes and sensors
  • Daylight controls
Glas Eireann Solutions Energy Audit

At Glas Éireann Solutions, we are committed to reducing commercial, agricultural and industrial energy usage, energy overheads, carbon footprint as well as exposure to future energy price increase risk. We offer a variety of solutions in order to achieve this, the first phase of which, involves the energy audit. To find out more on how we can help your business, why not contact us here, or phone on 061 - 633 298.

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Glas Eireann Energy Audit