ISO 50002

Last week we gave a quick overview of ISO-50002. This week we will be going into a little more depth. So, what is ISO 50002 and what does it mean for your business?

The ISO-50002 is the second in the ISO-50000 set of standards.

ISO-50002 sets out a globally recognised framework that identifies opportunities to save energy. Practitioners of this standard must follow certain steps and deliverables based on the relevant data and facts, allowing the Energy Auditors at Glas Eireann to innovate in more ways specific to your business.

This standard while based on the European standard, differs in a few points.

·         The ISO 50002 can be implemented independently or integrated with the businesses energy management system.

·         Both the Energy Auditor (that’s us) and the organisation (that’s you) both have a role to play when an energy audit is being undertaken.

·         Opportunities can be but are not limited to; operational controls, maintenance improvements, superior installation and opportunities in investments and financing (all of which Glas Eireann provide by the way !!!).

·         Outlines the types of energy audits in detail.


It carries with it many benefits for your business, such as:

·         Assistance in locating and mapping out opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

·         Dramatically reducing energy wastage.

·         Environmental benefits.

·         Financing of projects.

·         Financial Benefits.

·         Superior installation.

If your organisation would like help in meeting ISO-50002 requirements contact Glas Eireann Solutions today on +353 61 633298 or visit us at

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