Love Limerick

As a response to WP's recent blog post (  we wanted to add 5 more reasons we love Limerick:

1.       History

2.       Beautiful Countryside

3.       Culture and activities

4.       Food/drinks

5.       The people

Limerick is a City rich in history that combines the old with the new to coalesce as one incredibly unique City.  The old town walls, Hunt Museum and King Johns Castle mould together so perfectly with its modern landscape, along with the City’s natural beauty as it sits perched along the Shannon River, overlooking Iconic landscapes such as the roaming hills, and Thomond Stadium, home to the Munster Rugby Team.


The Shannon River, is a treasured hub of activity brimming with life and secrets of old. Secret stories that captivated children’s minds and hearts for centuries, such as the Drunken Tady and the Bishops Lady, where hand marks are said to still be seen imprinted on the wall of Thomond Bridge today! And secrets such as the old shipping docks that welcomed ships from all over the World to trade and extend a warm Limerick welcome.

This hospitality can be felt throughout. From it’s diverse population, with Limerick proudly wearing the title of European City of Culture in 2014 due to its huge involvement in cultural and artistic events, both locally and globally. Which are supported by proud establishments such as Ormston House and Limerick School of Art and Design where culture, creativity, ingenuity and individuality are nourished.

And there is nothing that oozes warmth and hospitality like being welcomed with a fine meal in a nice atmosphere. Limerick has a diverse range of amazing cuisines to offer for the true food connoisseur. Most notable examples are:

·       Irish Cuisine; Dolans Pub & Warehouse, O’Connor’s Restaurant, Bobby Byrnes Restaurant

·       American Cuisine; El Toro BBQ and CoqBull Limerick

·       Lebanese Cuisine; Mejana, Limerick

·       Italian Cuisine; Da Vincenzo Restaurant

·       Japanese cuisine; Taikichi, Kyoto Sushi & Noodle Restaurant

·       Chinese Cuisine; Jasmine Palace Restaurant, Wokking Restaurant, Z We Ton Restaurant

·       Vegetarian/Vegan; Freddy’s Bistro, as-well as The Old Fire Station Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant

Here food and drinks can be tasted from around the World at the heart of Limerick’s City Centre. If you fancy shaking things up, you can pop on over to various pubs and hotel restaurants such as McGettigan’s Hotel & Restaurant Bar, where friendly staff will mix you up a fantastic cocktail of your choosing.

Modern businesses and families thrive within Georgian period buildings that are still preserved and loved today. The large roads surrounding these buildings are said to have been developed with the bustling City blocks of Manhattan in mind. Embracing our Irish connections with the rest of the World. Many Georgian Buildings over-look the people’s park where folk flock on summers days to lap up the atmosphere, and the sun, a true rarity!

Almost every part of Limerick displays breath-taking views of nature, as it is enveloped by nearby roaming hills of Clare and Tipperary, and a stones-throw from Curragh Chase Parks and Gardens. As-well as Lough-Derg in Killaloe, where those brave enough can challenge themselves with a walk (or a run) they will truly never forget along the Lough Derg Way!

Curraghchase Forest Park 2 810 x 456.jpg

Or for those of you who like to sit back and relax, the many fields, parks and drives can be explored at your own pace. Be it a leisurely stroll or a full stop at a picnic bench to just sit and enjoy all that Limerick has to offer, including the bird and Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary that is Westfields Wetlands.

Our favourite thing of all here at Glas Eireann is the people. The Irish are known worldwide for their friendliness, but there is something extra special to be said about Limerick people in this respect. In Limerick you could go out for drink or a nice meal, or perhaps you just need to take a cab? You could return having shared some amazing conversations, experiences and stories, and having made a whole network of new friends. With so much to do and see, why would you want to be anywhere else?