SEAI Energy Show Key takeaways

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SEAI Energy Show 2018 – Key Takeaways

Glas Eireann Solutions attended the recent SEAI Energy Show 2018 at the RDS, Dublin. Here were our key takeaway’s:

LED Lighting

LED Lighting continues to be the ‘quickest hit’ for businesses wishing to reduce energy consumption. Switching from an incandescent or halogen lighting system can save organisations up to 80% on current lighting costs and will usually produce a payback period in under 2 years. The SEAI have re-introduced grants for businesses wishing to upgrade to LED

PV Solar

There is a lot of interest in PV Solar, with the technology improving all the time. A typical solar panel now produces about 265 watts of power. New roofing solutions will also have the technology built into the roofing fabric and will no longer require additional panels to be placed over an existing roof. As yet PV Solar makes very little contribution to Ireland’s overall energy production and needs government support and incentives to overcome this. It was announced by SEAI that the government will be introducing a support scheme for PV Solar for Irish businesses in 2019.



Biomass is organic material that comes from plants and animals and is a renewable source of energy. Biomass can be burned directly or converted to liquid fuels or biogas. Ballyhourra Development gave an overview of Ireland’s first farming co-operative creating biogas through Anaerobic Digestion. This project is supported by Renewable Gas Forum Ireland



EXEED is a grant scheme offered by SEAI to organisations who are planning a substantial energy investment project. Grants of up to €500,000 are available per annum. The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) outlined how it used the EXEED grant to upgrade it’s substantial car parking areas to outdoor LED lighting while the Monasterboice Inn used the scheme to help generate energy from an on-site stream.

Energy Exporter

Ireland became a net energy exporter for the first time ever on 2016. This was due largely to the Corrib Oil Field coming on stream.

Carbon 2020

According to the SEAI Ireland will not meet it’s Carbon 2020 targets, missing the electricity, thermal and transport targets by approximately 3 percentage points per sector.