What are LED’s and how do they work? Well L.E.D.’s are electrical light sources that allow electricity to flow in one direction. The bulb contains highly conductive materials called, you guessed it diodes.

Electricity charges these diodes and the energy is then released from one to the next resulting in an emission of light. Hence the name; Light Emitting Diode.

This light creation process differs from traditional bulbs as they create light using heat that is inefficient in comparison.

So, is it worth being LED (pun intended) into the energy efficient way of running your business? Well the answer is a resounding yes. L.E.D.’s are:

·         Energy efficient.

·         Last longer.

·         Environmentally friendly.

·         Produce less heat, making them much safer.

·         Resilient (can withstand the environmental elements).

·         Great money savers.


Converting your lighting system may seem like hassle, right? Well no, because with Glas Eireann as your Energy Solutions Experts, we take care of everything from audit to design to build. Promising to save you a lot of money by going green.

Next week’s blog will provide a direct comparison between L.E.D.’s and traditional lighting.