Impacts of adopting green leadership on your business.

Last week we discussed what green leadership is and a little on how it can be adopted. This week we are going to outline the impact of Green Leadership on your business:

1.       Corporate Social Responsibility, by going green and being active in being kinder to your environment will make sure the public will look favourably on your business.

2.       Not only are you being kinder to the environment and showing to the public that you are a Green Leader it also saves you a substantial amount of money. (seriously win win)

3.       You now will have a competitive advantage for the aforementioned reasons.

4.       People will want to work for a business that shows Green Leadership and cares about the impact it is having.

5.       Improved health and safety for the employees.

6.       Shareholder relations will only be improved.

7.       Your energy bills be massively cut creating new sources of revenue which can be invested elsewhere in the business,