Energy Productivity Vs. Energy Efficiency

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What is Energy Productivity?

According to ClimateWorks Energy Productivity is where you use the same or less amount of energy to do more.


How does Energy Productivity compare/differentiate with Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency = Using less energy: This includes simply using less power (e.g. turning off lights in empty rooms) and installing equipment that uses less energy to perform the same task.


Energy productivity = Doing more, using the same or less energy: Not only are you likely to use less energy, you make the energy you do use work harder and perform more.


Energy in Business

For a company, energy productivity is calculated by dividing total revenue (€) by total energy used (GJ). The higher the number, the better a company’s energy productivity. Better energy productivity can save money, save effort, reduce waste (that includes reducing pollution) - and the business can make more money from the energy it puts in. 


Who should know about Energy Productivity?

Measuring Energy Productivity is probably most helpful to businesses (manufacturers, retailers, hospitality organisations and corporates), governments and countries - sometimes measured as economy-wide energy productivity.


How can we improve Energy Productivity?

At a national level, we can improve our energy productivity through things like switching from old fossil fuel generation to more efficient technologies, adopting innovative work practices and improving the efficiency of equipment and processes used. Companies also have many ways they can become more energy productive such as implementing route optimisation, re-using waste gases, improving energy monitoring and using waste heat recovery systems. Many such improvements are low cost and often offer short payback periods.


What are the advantages of Energy Productivity?

·         Reduce energy bills

·         Reduce greenhouse gas emissions for a healthier environment and an effective contribution to national emissions reduction commitments

·         Boost company competitiveness and increase profits 

·         Boost production

·         Increase uptake of renewable energy

·         Reduce waste

·         Improve exposure to energy prices or revenue changes 


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