Why It Makes Sense to Hire An Energy Consultant

Do you find, more and more, that is increasingly difficult to keep your energy costs under control? That ever increasing energy costs are in turn increasing the price of your products and/or digging in to your margins? You are not alone.

Forward looking organisations are increasingly beginning to control their use of various forms of energy in order to reduce operational costs and give consumers affordable products and services. Achieving lower energy costs ensures that customers are able to buy more at a lower cost which should result in higher sales and ultimately higher profits for your business.

When businesses first look into the energy market they are often frustrated by the multitude and complexity of solutions available. Language used, measurement factors and how to size and price correctly does not come easy for most business people. Navigating the energy market without professional help could end up being extremely costly and damaging to the businesses bottom line.

We often hear of systems that were over-sized, under performing or plain just not giving the desired result, largely due to not auditing or assessing the property first. Taking this into account it is highly advisable to seek the services of an Energy Consultant who understands the inner workings of the energy industry when making an audit or assessment.

Here are 5 Key Factors on why it makes sense to hire an Energy Consultant:
1. Audit: The Energy Consultant will perform an audit on your premises and operating
procedures to determine where and how improvements can be made.
2. Analysis: An Energy Consultant will analyse your energy bills and request bids from top tier
energy suppliers to help your business get the best energy procurement deal possible.
3. Billing: The Energy Consultant will analyse the billing of your power use and find out
whether you are being over-billed and whether your energy meters are accurate and read
4. Usage: the Energy Consultant will recommend changes in the businesses current usage
process, which will bring better energy efficiency and help reduce costs.
5. Alternatives/Renewables: The Energy Consultant may recommend the sourcing of renewable
and cheaper forms of energy such as P.V. Solar, Heat Pumps or Wind Energy where possible.
The consultants analysis may also prompt them to recommend the use of energy efficient
appliances so as to reduce the energy consumed by your appliances. In essence, energy
consultancy specialists perform a critical analysis of your energy usage pattern and provide
bespoke solutions, which often result in greater cost cuts and high savings.

To learn more about how GES Energy Consultants can help create greater efficiencies and reduce energy costs for your business, please visit www.gesenergy.ie or call +353 61 633298.

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