Can Electric Vehicles Help Your Fleet Operations?

According to the Guardian Newspaper electric vehicle sales have surpassed 1 million in Europe, representing a 42% YoY increase for the first 6 months of 2018 versus the same period in 2017. Europe reaches this 1m milestone ahead of the USA, which is expected to reach it later this year, driven largely by demand for Tesla vehicles, and in particular the success of the Tesla Model 3.

The figures include fully electric vehicles, vans and plug in hybrid vehicles (PHEV). Between January and June 2018, 195,000 electric vehicles were sold in Europe, with Norway leading the way and closely followed by Germany.

CleanTechnia reports that the most popular electric vehicles sold in Europe are the Renault Zoe and the Nissan Leaf. Sales of plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) at +40% is growing faster than sales in fully electric vehicles (BEV) at +20%. In Europe diesel powered vehicles are the only vehicle type that showed a decrease in sales (-16%) in the first six months of 2018. If the rate of decline in diesel vehicles continues there will be virtually no new diesel’s registered by 2025.

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