Queen of Green - Ploughing Ahead!

When I first began planning to start a business and establish a life in Ireland, there were three Irish traditions and events that I was excited to be able to participate. The first was St. Stephen’s Day which is not a day typically celebrated in the US. This turned out exactly as I had imagined with a bonus helping of pub. The second was someday attending an All-Ireland hurling final at Croke Park. Like all things that have happened in the past year, this turned out to happen much quicker than I expected thanks to the success of the Limerick team this season. It was an experience that lived up to all of my hopes with the sheer excitement of the people, high spirits of the entire County decked out in green and white, as well as all of the celebrations after our win.

The third event I was looking forward to was the National Ploughing Championships. I grew up on a farm and the Ploughing was something I knew would bring together all the things I love: country life, agriculture, and innovation. For those unfamiliar with what the Ploughing is, the National Ploughing Championship is an outdoor agricultural show in Ireland incorporating a ploughing contest. It’s held every September since 1931 and is an event that it seems nearly every Irish person has attended at least once.

The Ploughing is here and with it has come winter. The fireplace has been lit in the sitting room and the electric blanket in the bedroom has already been turned on a few times. Wednesday’s high winds and rain are further reminders that cold weather (and maybe even snow again) are coming toward us at high speed. As we begin to prepare for the upcoming season, the last of the silage will be cut soon and stored for when the cattle are in the shed. Are you prepared for winter?