How it Works

As part of our promise to increase the energy efficiency of your buildings, production facilities, and/or infrastructure, and for you to realise the energy cost savings we guarantee, we take on the whole project from start to finish. We promise transparency throughout the whole process and you can have as much or as little input as you like. The bottom line is we guarantee savings of up to 60% on energy costs.

Glas Eireann Solutions Audit & Plan


We Audit, assess, and plan

We complete a full SEAI approved energy audit of your SME which is an assessment of the energy needs and efficiency of your building or buildings. There is an initial fee for the audit, the cost of which will be deducted from any work you decide to complete with us. We can also use any SEAI approved energy audit already completed on your premises in the previous two years. Don't worry, grants are also available to help offset the cost of the audit and we can help you pursue these. We study the results of this audit and our technical team puts together a proposal to guarantee energy savings of up to 60% for your business.

Glas Eireann Solutions Financial Contract


we Contract and Finance

We finance the project meaning no capital outlay on your behalf, ensuring we can quickly implement energy saving measures, regardless of tight investment budgets. This allows you to focus your budget on building your business and increasing profits. In return, we receive a portion of these savings in energy costs, to cover expenditures for financing, planning, controlling and implementing the project on a 3 - 5 year contractual basis. After this, all equipment and all savings are 100% yours.

Glas Eireann Solutions Maintenance & Installation

We Retrofit, install, and maintain

Using local contractors where possible, our project team oversee the construction, retrofit, installation and commissioning of all energy saving measures meaning you don’t have to worry about chasing down tradesmen. And to make it easier on you, we help you find the best green technology to fit your business's needs. Once operational, we service and maintain all equipment for the period of the contract and beyond if required, as well as train your staff on its correct usage. Making sure you realise the energy savings promised is our bottom line. If you do not make the savings guaranteed by us, we do not get paid. Therefore, we continually monitor all output to ensure our promises are met and so we can assure you of our best intentions at all times.