“It was only supposed to be a quick pint”, Cori Calvert laughs as she begins to explain in her Californian drawl, how she managed to find herself talking to barman Brian O’Callaghan, who would later become her business partner and co-founder of Glas Éireann Solutions. “I was on a girl’s holiday here in Ireland, and I noticed that there were opportunities for businesses to decrease their energy spend each month with just a few simple fixes.”  It was something Cori was an expert on. As a Managing Director of a United States Federal Government natural resources conservation agency, Cori oversaw the implementation of over 400 energy performance contracts (EPC) including VFD, solar panels, and small wind technology to small businesses in the US and Caribbean.

It was during this chance meeting that both realised they had a common interest in increasing energy efficiency for SMEs. With that in mind, they set about structuring a business model which would include finance, meaning ZERO capital outlay from their clients, and after many months, Glas Éireann Solutions was born.

Brian O'Callaghan

Tell us about Glas Éireann Solutions?

“Glas Éireann Solutions (GES) is an ESCO (energy service company), serving the public and private sectors throughout all provinces of Ireland. We guarantee savings of up to 60% off your energy overheads, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint, without asking for any capital outlay. We aim to increase business profitability, allowing you to focus your time and resources on expansion and creating employment.”


What makes you unique?

“We are the only one stop shop on the market today in completing the whole project from start to finish, including initial audit, design and proposal, retrofit and installation, finance and maintenance”, Cori begins. We place a huge emphasis on education and customer service and are determined to operate in a totally transparent manner. We are the only company on the market who have included maintenance and built it into all our proposals, lessening the workload on our clients even further.”


Cori relocated from San Diego to Limerick - tell us about how Cori identified Ireland as a market with huge potential?

After Cori returned home to the US, she couldn’t get Ireland and the opportunities for businesses to save on energy out of her mind. She began collaborating with Brian, and decided to return for an energy conference sponsored by SEAI in Dublin.According to an article published by Fora on May 1st 2017,”Ireland’s energy demand will shoot up over the next decade … making harder the government’s task of avoiding fines for missed EU renewable-energy targets.” Ireland is one of only three countries in the EU that is forecast to miss its agreed renewable energy-generation goal for 2020. It was this backdrop that convinced Cori that Ireland had the potential to welcome a new green energy model with open arms.


 How does Glas Éireann Solutions helps businesses save energy costs?

By availing of the services of GES, it will firstly enable businesses to promote their green energy sustainability strategy, whilst also significantly lowering current energy overheads and indeed future energy price risk exposure.


 How has the business been received so far?

“It’s been an exciting and busy few months for us”, Brian explains, “Potential customers across all sectors in Ireland have already been approached during customer solution based interviews and the response has been very positive. Not only has the business been welcomed by customers, but as a startup we have been welcomed into the business community with open arms. We have been invited to numerous networking events, and we have already received financial backing from the Local Enterprise Officer here in limerick.  We have also just moved into the Nexus Innovation Centre based on the UL Campus giving us access to the most up to date research and development in the field, and have recently hired a Chief Technology Officer and VP of Sales.”



We complete a full SEAI approved energy audit of your SME which is an assessment of the energy needs and efficiency of your building or buildings. We can also use any SEAI approved energy audit already completed on your premises in the previous two years. Don't worry, grants are also available to help offset the cost of the audit and we can help you pursue these. We study the results of this audit and our technical team puts together a proposal to guarantee energy savings of up to 60% for your business.


We finance the project meaning no capital outlay on your behalf, ensuring we can quickly implement energy saving measures, regardless of tight investment budgets. In return, we receive a portion of these savings in energy costs, to cover expenditures for financing, planning, controlling and implementing the project on a 3-10 year contractual basis. After this, all equipment and all savings are 100% yours.


Using local contractors where possible, our project team oversee the construction, retrofit and installation of all energy saving measures meaning you don’t have to worry about chasing down tradesmen. Once operational, we service and maintain all equipment for the period of the contract and beyond if required. Making sure you realise the energy savings promised is our bottom line. It’s simple, if you do not make the savings guaranteed by us, we do not get paid!

Brian O'Callaghan

There is no doubting that these two co-founders are very different people, but it strikes me there is a steely drive and ambition shared between them, and I feel that the necessary traits to succeed are very much in evidence. On one hand you have Cori, CEO and her 20-year experience of the most up to date technological advancements in the environmental and energy conservation fields, and on the other hand, Brian, CBDO, with his 20-year track record of profitable small hospitality business ownership and SME startups. On behalf of all businesses out there wishing to decrease their energy overheads, we wish Glas Éireann Solutions every success. To learn more, please see