Our Story

They say every great story has a great beginning and ours is no different. It began in a pub and now several years later, GES Energy is a complete one stop shop energy service company, revolutionising the Irish market and saving Irish businesses millions on their energy bills, all whilst significantly lowering future energy price risk exposure without costing the businesses a cent in capital outlay.

We are first to market in Ireland offering a unique solution to a problem most businesses are not even aware they are encountering. We are dedicated to cutting costs for commercial customers using green energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy projects. Based in Limerick, our team has expertise in providing economical green energy solutions guaranteeing energy savings of up to 60%. We strive to be the market leader in providing the broadest range of energy solutions, including design and implementation of energy savings projects, retrofit, energy conservation, maintenance and innovative financing options which improve business efficiency without extensive capital outlays.
* 20+ Years Experience in Energy Service & Energy Performance Contracting.
* 30+ Years Experience in Environmental & Energy Conservation Fields.
* Global Experience Covering 4 Continents.

Our main value at GES Energy is being transparent with our customers. This ethos is very important as we build trust with our customers in the energy performance contracting process as well as in our team’s abilities to deliver effective energy saving technology without any operational impact on our client’s business.


Cori Calvert, Founder + CEO

GES Energy was founded by Cori Calvert. In her previous role as Managing Director of the United States Federal Government Natural Resources Conservation Agency she has spent twenty years gaining experience in the environmental market leading State of California as well as the Caribbean. She possesses practical knowledge of the most up to date technological advancements in the environmental and energy conservation fields.