How It Works

The GES Energy Solutions Experts are here to help your business flourish! Unlike other companies out there who claim to help you and your business save money by paying a certain fee before ever seeing any savings in costs, GES Energy will cover the cost of the switch to energy efficiency up front on behalf of the client. That’s how sure we are of the massive benefits it has to offer!

GES Energy encompasses all energy efficiency products, such as LED’s and CHP’s. Whatever business you are in whether it is manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, or retail, they will all have one thing in common and that is high energy costs. These costs can potentially stop you doing the things you want to do in your business, such as expansion and reinvestment.

Our Green Energy Experts will assess your energy usage on site, tailor a custom-made plan for switching to an energy efficient and sustainable business, saving you up to 60% in energy costs per year! GES Energy simply take a small portion of the savings we create for you using a three-step process.

Audit & Plan.jpg

We Audit, Assess, and Plan

Our Green Energy Experts will meticulously analyse your businesses energy usage and isolate all costs to determine every possible avenue available for making the switch to a more energy efficient business. All of our energy audits are carried out in conjunction with SEAI Principles. All Plans are custom tailored to suit your business needs as all businesses are unique.

Financial Contract.jpg

We contract and finance

We finance the project, this allows your business to focus your budget on your business and on increasing profits. Plans are usually implemented on a 3-5-year basis, to further ensure no strain is put on your business during the switch, and that you will immediately see the benefits.

Maintenance & Installation.jpg

We retrofit, Install, and Maintain

Our experts hand-picked, trusted local contractors to oversee construction, installation, monitoring and maintenance of all energy saving measures on your behalf. As-well as training your staff so that by the end of the contract there will be no need to hire specialists to maintain/use the service and all equipment will be fully owned by your business.